Welcome to Earousal, a place to collaborate on your arousal

Why building a platform of progressive porncasts?

It seems that porn only complies with the fantasies of the many. Whether you're a woman or not, you might not be aroused by the stereotypical, yet widespread porn thriving on Pornhub.


How to create arousing content?

Earousal is a place where you can draft your own porn podcasts : there are no shackles to your imagination and desires. It is also a place where you can offer your warm and suave voice to breathe life into these fantasies.

Think about it ! Without images, nothing is out of line.


What kind of platform will earousal be like?

Earousal is meant to become an online platform where you can collaborate on tiny projects, whether you whish to write, speak or both, no matter your sexual preferences. It will become a collaborative and creative platform, taking the form of a website or an app where porncasts will flourish.

There is already a huge and booming ©Reddit community called r/gonewildaudio. Users implemented that very concept of cooperation on porn scripts but unfortunately, the collaborative part of these porncasts is hosted on Reddit, whereas the audio parts are hosted on a different website. It lacks convenience. Anyway, this is what it could sound like (credits to u/Genorol108) :

An icon depicting an arrow taking the shape of a circle to reprensent a loop and allow users to replay the audio from the beginning


What do you think?

Earousal can become whatever you want. Tell us how you envision the platform.

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